Whatsapp for business

It could sound a little bit weird but, the truth is WhatsApp is the new standard way of communication, and not just for teenagers. According to statista.com there are more than 900 millions of active users around the world, and the number is growing up. So one important thing here is we can assume that “almost everyone know how to use WhatsApp”. Because our own experience, implement and deploy new tools and ways to do the things inside business is very hard (even impossible in some cases). So why not to use Whatsapp on business? Here some tips to do it:

 Whatsapp on business

  1. For internal communication teams: Create some groups according to the structure of your company and you can collaborate and make broadcasting, very useful to short important messages avoiding the formality of email.
  2. For contact with clients and suppliers: According to www.profitbooks.net, you can get 40% more responses if you try to contact someone via WhatsApp than through a phone call, why? maybe beacuse it immediacy.
  3. For support: Why explain the problem if you can send a picture? or maybe, why dictate those complicated numbers and letters if you can write them? this feature is not for everything use, but for user is very useful in the most of cases
  4. For recording messages: Anyone could think, why record a message via whatsapp if I can call ? the answer is simple, for register any sound that probes something (“the machine is making a noise like this…..”)
  5. For savings: Calling abroad is cheaper and cheaper, but is not free (at least not between phones) so you can use the calling service of WhatsApp to avoid this costs
  6. One extra: and maybe the most important point is that you can use all these features from your smart phone and (thank GOD) even from your PC via: web.whatsapp.com


Some CIOs from very important companies around the world are supporting this way of communication, because is easy, not expensive, doesn’t require training and almost everyone has it in their pockets. Obviously employees and users in general have to understand the “corporate side” and they should to comply typical basic rules determined inside the company.

So… the modern world is like this, nobody knows what is the next trendy tool that begins in hands of children and finishes forming a critical part of the highest business structure.