WhatsApp and Twitter could be sanctioned by Europe

Europe again takes the magnifying glass out on technology. The Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC), which acts as the continental regulator, has advanced its first investigations into whether or not Twitter and WhatsApp have violated the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD), which carries a multi-million dollar penalty.

If they materialize, they would be the first significant fines two years after the entry into force of the privacy regulations. The agency has presented this Friday a preliminary report containing reasons for a possible breach of personal data by Twitter. Specifically, the project has focused on elucidating whether the US micro-message network has violated articles 33.1 and 33.5 of RPGD that establishes that in case of violation of the security of personal data, the person responsible for the treatment will notify the authority of competent control of conformity within a maximum period of 72 hours.

The Irish Data Protection Commission has noted that it has forwarded its findings to the various local data protection agencies. The investigation on WhatsApp Ireland examines, on the other hand, whether it has complied with articles 12 to 14 of the data protection requirements regarding transparency regarding the information it shares with Facebook, its proprietary company to which it belongs since 2014. In new phases of the investigation, the internet giant is expected to give a formal statement to include its allegations.

The GDPR authorizes regulators to impose penalties of up to 4% of a company’s annual income in case of serious violations. The biggest fine to date was a 50 million euro fine against Google by France’s watchdog CNIL, recalls the “Bloomberg” outlet. The Irish regulator has advanced new developments in an investigation into Facebook’s obligations “to establish a legal basis for the processing of personal data.”