Website: 7 Tips to have a Killer Website !!!

How to improve your website

Website, a better one… some things are so obvious that we just pass over them without give a check, nowadays almost every single business, no matter how small it is, has a website, then maybe in the entire web there are 50 millions of websites, try to think when you are in the customer position and you are surfing the web looking for something, you just type it in that white google page and receive millions of results, how many of them you really think that fit with your need ? are you sure about you will find exactly what you are looking for in the first page ?

Ok let’s go to the business position, the point here is your website needs to be outstanding because nowadays customers have too many options, you really need to be remarkable in product and services, but how you can deliver those products and services if your visitors come to your website and simply go back? and what is the reason for that ? we really think about and the answer is boring and out of date websites.

With that been said, we have compile this 7 tips to have a Killer website, so believe us, applying them you will make a difference and you will let your competitors miles away, but you need to come in action ASAP because all the business are looking for the same, so time is the key.

1. Responsive Design Website:

Sounds obvious that your website needs to be adaptable to all different screen sizes, BUT did you know that close 70% of published websites are out of this basic rule? maybe your competitors are there, so you really can make a difference implementing this feature, because your potential clients are surfing the web and looking for you from laptops, tablets, TVs, and PHONES, and when the screen is bigger this is not a problem, because if your website is not responsive just it will be shown with zoom in, the real problem is when your future and potential clients come to your website from their phones and they can’t do a click, even they can’t read the content, they just simply go back and forget you, so responsive feature is not a luxury feature, is a NEED.

Sysmiami Responsive Website

Sysmiami Responsive Website

2. Clickable phone number:

According to studies, we interact with our phones 220 times each per day, but try to think, what is the principal function of a phone… do and receive calls, so WHY THE HELL we are denying to our potential clients the opportunity to call us? yes, we are making this basic mistake because in the majority of them we put the phone number, but people has to try to memorize it, or copy and paste it, or even worst write it down on a paper before call us, is that make sense? obviously NO, in SYSMIAMI we have this feature as a basic rule, every single phone number inside a website has to be clickable and our clients receive tons of calls coming directly from their websites just because the visitor does tht click, is as easy as that!!!!

Sysmiami Clickable phone numbers website

3. Instant messaging (chat):

Typically a website is a one way communication system, and that means: you as a supplier delivering information about your business to your customers and future clients, but what happen if they want to know more about it? you can convert this system in a 2 way communication platform just adding an instant messaging plugin to your website (like zopim for example), BUT you can go even far, you can add the “Facebook Chat Communication Button” to your website and take your visitors directly to your messenger chat (fan page facebook messenger), and that’s a remarkable difference, because it’s a standard, they don’t need to login, and practically everybody knows how to use it, one additional thing, now you have the opportunity to contact them in the future just because Facebook saves this conversation for you.

4. Human pictures content:

This is another key so obvious, but we have detect many of our clients using too much cold pictures of products and forgetting the human part, like human beings we connect better if we can see another people using that product or service, for example is very different to see a shirt on a hang, that see a person wearing it, this adds not just the volume and shape, but the feeling to wear it, many researches about neuromarketing agree with the idea of the eyes of people in pictures detouring the attention from them to the product, but this is no possible if you put only boring photos of your product or service.

sysmiami business people website

5. Benefits, no features:

How many of us really know about the “ABS Break System” inside our cars? just the car fans, but all of us know that this “feature” can save our lifes (and our sons) so when you put a product in your website, don’t put the focus in the feature, because your potential clients are not looking for that, they are looking for the benefit of that feature, another example could be the Harley Davison Bikes, when you buy it you are not getting the most modern, comfortable, gas saving, and a long etc list about one transportation system, no… you are buying the right to be a bad guy when you use it, the right to use that leather jacket on Sundays, that’s not a feature, that’s a benefit.

sysmiami parallax website

6. Animations:

Be careful, your website is not just your catalog over internet, your website has to be nice and enjoyable, motion brings this opportunity, motion capture the attention of visitor instantaneously, because our reptilian brain know that motion could means danger (yes when we were just primates) or even food (yes when we were Mammoth hunters) so adding motion to your website you can make that difference and put even more space between you and your competitors.

7. Video Testimonies:

Finally we come to this point, let’s be sincere, do we prefer to read the book or watch the movie? yes read the book is fine to speak with our friends at the reading group… BUT watch the movie is exciting, so you really need to include some videos in your website, they could be Testimonies (they are great to seed more trust) they could be showing the fabrication process or the experience to use your product or service, this feature es so powerful that you can compile the most information of your website just in a corporate video, not joking, video is the language of now.


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