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Dr. Zsuzsanna Seybold is a very recognized Aesthetic Medical Doctor, she has written many articles about PRP, a technique of Regenerative Medicine to treat the skin and fight against the aging, now she serves a significant number of patients per day, typically the process is something like this:

1. Schedule an appointment
2. Perform “check in” feeding the new patient information:
– Demographic data
– Photos
– Scanned documents
– Clinic history
3. Proceed with the query
– Gathering information
– Analysis
– Photos Before treatment
– Diagnosis
– Implementation of the proposed treatment
– Photos After treatment
4. Scheduling a New Appointment
5. Send report to email the patient
In the past the doctor performed all this work simultaneously on several “systems” including pen and paper, photocopy formats, pictures which then must synchronize and attach, in short their processes were not integrated and try to organize all this information coherently was a headache, additionally required a great effort to keep track of the evolution of a case or the retrieval of information from a patient quickly and effectively.

To Dr. Seybold in Sysmiami we design and developed one Web App completely customized to her needs, now she performs all administrative and registration work in parallel while doing what she really enjoys, to improve the health and appearance of her patients.

Today, her only tool is a mobile phone (or tablet) from which she can absolutely manage the entire process (from the appointment scheduling, taking photos before and after treatment, and sending the report), at the end almost without realizing all is done and just press the “Send” button on the Web App then the patient receives a summary of the consultation including photos and data processing performed…

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