Universal Medical Group Web App

More Solutions with a Web App:

UMG is located in North Miami, since the beginning they have been working with and for the community, they developed some plans to deliver health care plans but they didn’t know how to manage the membership for the plans etc…

They came to Sysmiami looking for a solution for this issue, and we design and developed one Web App totally customized to them, now they can serve the community while all the records about members are controlled easily and always on time.

The system tracks and sends alerts to the admin group informing about the status of members and payments, this feature is very useful, and keeps them always updated.

Some features of this kind of Web Apps:

1. They do not require installation on the mobile device (accessed from a URL)
2. Do not take up space on the mobile device (detail critical !!!)
3. Are multi platform: Mobile Apple, Android, Windows …
4. Your upgrade is online.
5. It can handle profiles to give you access to end customers if required.
6. The cost is approximately is approximately 5 times lower.
7. They are lightweight, versatile and safe.

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