Web App to mark images (Swafer)

This time it is an initiative that emerged within our company, the unit of Community Management had to perform a fairly simple but very important work in which they were investing too many resources: mark with the logo of the corresponding company each and every one of the images that are published for our customers daily on their social networks:

sysmiami-swafer3 sysmiami-swafer1 sysmiami-swafer2

For this reason we had a template in Photoshop in which the image was loaded and proceeded to give it a couple of touches and then save the “composition” in JPG format with specific measures and in this way the image was ready to proceed with the stage of publication in tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer, or directly on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

The process took approximately 8 minutes for each image. We tried several solutions automating tasks in Photoshop etc … but in the end we discovered that it was definitely something that we could improve.

We met with the development team and came up with a solution through a Web App that we affectionately decided to call Swafer, in which the user could log in and pre establish the parameters that were required, such as:

  • Image to use as “stamp” (PNG Transparent)
  • Seal size
  • Location of the stamp (in which of the 4 corners)
  • Separation of the edge of the seal.

Once the account has been parameterized, the user only has to open the application and upload the image, the system automatically processes it and downloads it, now the image is ready to share in a matter of seconds !!!

web app
The process of Design and Development of the Web App took approximately 80 hours and after several iterations to find the best UX (User Experience) we published a version that is available for free on the official website of Swafer, visit it and create your own FREE account !!! here: https://www.swafer.com

Some of the advantages of using Swafer are:

  • The time was reduced from 8 minutes to less than 1 minute
  • There is no need to install local tools on the computer (Photoshop -> license savings).
  • The Web App works on almost any computer (PC, Apple, Chromebook, etc.)
  • Now the work can be done even from the cell phone (Android or iPhone) !!!

This is the kind of simple and effective solutions that we like to create in Sysmiami, do you have problems in your company? call us, we will analyze your case totally free 😉

Alex Ocampo
Sysmiami LLC

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