Web App for Information Capture (success story)

The Apps (or Web Apps) have a very interesting versatility. Sometimes it is not about beautiful designs, colors, avant-garde concepts we use on our cell phones, gestures and use of all the resources of the device on which they execute; rather it is about optimizing the valuable (and expensive) time of the people, who without these Web Apps, would have to execute long manual processes that affect the productivity of their companies.

This is the case with the firm Vive Recovery Group, who are dedicated to the recovery of capital resulting from processes of Banca Rota in the United States.

The project was very interesting. Before one of its executives had to enter every day to an official website where the unclaimed funds are published daily, the manual labor consisted of doing the sweeping of a form through more than 50 courts (one for each US state) reviewing the items one by one to find a business opportunity. The process consumed at least 35 minutes of a qualified lawyer’s time who should be selecting the sources through a combo box and filtering the information according to some criteria such as a minimum value and a specific date. Whenever I found a potential business, I had to take paper and pencil or copy and paste the information field by field to proceed with the following steps of the process.

It was then when the offices of Sysmiami LLC received the visit of an executive of the company Vive Recovery Group, who explained the process step by step and asked us for an estimate for the project to automate the work completely.

In just a week and a half, we carried out the design and development of a Web App that runs automatically in the private cloud of Sysmiami LLC every night. It sends an email with a CSV file (Visible via Excel) directly to our client. The process Scanning could take only seconds due to the effectiveness of the system, but we do it much slower so that the service from which the data is obtained does not feel “attacked”.


In this way, through a Web App the company Vive Recovery Group obtains accurate and reliable information to make decisions in seconds while freeing valuable resources that can be used in the CORE of their business. This is the type of solutions that we design in Sysmiami LLC and we develop to help companies grow.

If you or your company needs to optimize some processes, the development of a Web App is surely the most effective solution, do not hesitate to contact us:

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