United Cargo Group Website

United Cargo Group Website

We feel really proud about this website, is basic but great!!!

United Cargo Group is an american company based in Doral, Florida, their core business is the freight management specially related with Colombia, they have been in business for more than 12 years and the results and reviews of their service speaks by them.

The old website was too basic, and the contain was really scarce, so we came to them with fresh and new ideas, but maintaining the minimal spirit that they love, they really like to be small and efficient so we needed to reflect that in the design of the website.

But small does not necessarily mean boring, so we include our best practices to do it really effective and impressive, with wide pictures transmitting space and personality.

In Sysmiami we think that the website of United Cargo Group is an example of minimalism and effectiveness.

As usual we apply the best practices to do it great:

1. Responsive Design Website
2. Clickable phone number
3. Instant messaging (chat)
4. Human pictures content
5. Benefits, no features
6. Animations
7. Video Testimonies

Phone: (305) 504-7070

Facebook: www.facebook.com/sysmiami