Tricks to improve the wifi signal

With the increase in teleworking and virtual classes for students, there are many failures due to the demand of Internet users, so it is important to consider some simple recommendations that could improve improving the speed and intensity of the network. at home.

Review of the modem: although it is frequent to turn it off when a user has problems with the signal, it really works since power discharges can affect its performance. If the modem continues to fail after completing this process, it can be reset.

Good location of the modem: it is very important since it depends on the signal that can reach all parts of the house. It is recommended to keep the modem in a high area and avoid being close to the metal because it can lower the signal strength.

Use cable for fixed devices: connecting your computers with a cable from the modem allows you to reach high speeds since there is no interference, therefore there are no signal losses.
Use a WIFI signal amplifier: this way you can surf the internet at high speed and there may be signal reception in places in the house where internet reception is not as strong.

“If you suffer from the low power of the internet, it can be caused by an excess of people using the network, so it is recommended to manage the Wi-Fi network through applications for mobile devices, which shows which devices are connected and block devices that you don’t recognize, create a guest network so that people don’t connect to the main network and allow you to change the password. Among the apps you can use are: Linksys Apps and Fing “.