The importance of hashtags in social networks

The importance of hashtags in social networks lies mainly in that they are a very valuable tool when it comes to promoting publications be images or videos, since a keyword and well used can cause a generalized trend in social networks.

The hashtag is a link that allows people to search for a word or a series of words that are preceded by the numeral sign (#) and seeks to generate an interaction between users who are attracted to a certain topic. In this way, many people can share or exchange information related to a specific event or issue.

The first network that used them was Twitter and it was such a success that its competitors decided to include them within their platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

If a hashtag is used strategically for either a campaign or a business, the results of this tag can provide relevant information about the connection or “hook” that exists between a brand and the public.

When it is necessary to use a hashtag, it is advisable to take into account important aspects such as: using a concrete word, as far as possible that the words are short and maintain a very neutral language and look for trends. For this you can use the Hashait tool that will tell you which are the most popular hashtag.

Below you will find information that will help you not to fall into common mistakes that may affect your goals:


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