Connectivity, technology and globalization have impacted all the scenarios of society, from cultural, political and commercial environments and the work environment has not been left out.

Work dynamics have been transformed thanks to technology, now new professionals must be knowmands, according to Randstad (2016), Moravec mentions that it is a new profile professional -whose added value is knowledge, that is, people with the ability to adapt and use their learning appropriately.

People who now want to participate as collaborators in an organization should keep in mind that technology plays an important role in all businesses , since this It brings infinity of benefits, so, knowing and knowing how to handle it is a factor that we all must have today.

The so-called digital competences are a set of knowledge, abilities, skills and abilities, in conjunction with values and attitudes, for the strategic use of information, and to achieve knowledge objectives tacit and explicit, in contexts and with tools of digital technologies. However, linked with these skills, are the qualities of people, such as the need to find solutions, create new paths, see opportunities instead of problems. By linking these competencies with attitude, you get a powerful and highly competitive mix in the job market.

The challenge of technology is not only for those who want to obtain a job, but also represents challenges for employers. The new generations are already predisposed to technologies. With this in mind, employers must offer conditions according to the needs of this new workforce.

Google is one of the companies that recognizes dynamics social, economic, productive, among others that have been transformed by technology, that is why it makes great efforts to maintain and attract the people who have the skills to work with them. Some of the actions carried out by this important and recognized company, is that an employee can enjoy dynamic and creative environments, cooking classes and yoga, in addition to having important benefits for their workers such as extensive licenses, loose pos-mortem, beneficial for couples of the same sex, among others.

All this is a sign that Google seeks to have its happy staff, because it knows that the skills and competencies they have are fundamental to continue offering creative and technological solutions to society.

In short, technology has transformed the way we work and if we want to obtain the best positions in companies, we must equip ourselves with digital skills and if as employers we seek to be attractive for qualified personnel We must offer certain conditions that allow your staff to develop their full potential.