Summar Financial Website

Summar Financial Website

The original Website of Summar was created in HTML pure, it was a little bit “grey” and boring, it wasn’t responsive and had a lot of typical mistakes.

In Sysmiami we analyzed all the requirement carefully, and prepare a proposal to give them a real modern and great solution, the result is a very nice and effective website including all the best practices, like clickable phone numbers, optimized images, animations, videos, etc…

After we finished the website project, they were immersed in an intense S.E.O. work to get a better ranking in Google, Bing and Yahoo, obviously all this project was much easier because the best practices used and the organized code we used there.

The animation of the world map in the banner of the website contains more than 20 layers and it’s a little bit complex, but nevertheless we made it really light it loads faster than assumed.

In the other hand, some original pictures given by Summar was processed and improved to get the better balance between weight and quality, all these features are important to SEO user gives to the visitor a better experience.

Phone: (305) 504-7070