Social networks a great help for entrepreneurs

The Covid-19 pandemic showed many companies that they were not yet prepared to cope with a crisis like the one the world is currently experiencing. Some businesses that were resistant to change, had to change that thinking and decided to use technological tools such as social networks to continue marketing their products or services.

For many small merchants it has been a great leap to enter the digital world but it was necessary, since according to recent Google reports more than 70% of consumers “go to the internet to start or end a purchasing process.”

The governments of different countries are presenting initiatives “such as the one worked together with the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Kolau company, with which they seek, through a digitization plan, that micro, small and medium-sized companies (MSMEs) can enter the digital world “.

This tool allows small business owners to create their website for free in just a few minutes. Users can enter their portfolio of products and services so that customers can place their orders and receive them at home. They can also activate the georeferencing service to appear on the Google maps system.

Social networks have been one of the best forms of contact between small entrepreneurs and their regular customers. This connection, especially through Facebook and Instagram, was started to generate help for local businesses and avoid closing them and, therefore, the dismissal or loss of work of many people who make a living from daily sales.

In many Facebook groups you can find basic necessities, as well as products that are not as indispensable but are highly requested by consumers, such as cosmetics and sports articles.

Networks have been a great bridge in times of crisis.

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