So you can delete your old Facebook posts

In general, social network users are not very aware of all the information they offer to the platforms and they store everything. For this reason, Facebook has created a new function called “Manage activity” to determine what content can be removed or archived in the publications of this network.

“This option allows users to archive or delete old posts or archive them in bulk from one place. It aims to allow users to adapt their presence on Facebook after experiencing changes in their lives such as joining the job market or finishing a relationship, as reported in a statement the company. “

This option allows you to hide profile posts without having to delete them or if the user prefers you can also remove them completely.

How does it work?

It is important to note that the deleted posts go to a kind of trash, therefore “they will remain for 30 days and can be restored before being permanently deleted. This function also allows you to manage multiple posts in bulk through filters such as people and dates. “

Although it is not available at the moment “users will be able to select items according to category, date and even tagged people. To use it you will have to go to the Facebook profile. Then, there should be a new function that indicates the possibility of consulting the activity, directing to various file options and content filters, which includes various sections (date, category and people). Then, you can select the different publications individually or massively to send them to the trash. For those who wish, they can go to that same trash can to eliminate them definitively “.

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