Servidal S.A.S Website

Servidal S.A.S Website

Servidal S.A.S. contacted Sysmiami to change the Website, the original was made in old technology with not improvement, no best practices applied, in general it was a basic one.

In 2016 so far Servidal S.A.S. has trained more than 400 people about height work, but they have the capacity and experience to train double or triple amounts of people.

When we check the project, we found a lot of mistakes and incomplete work, images were too weight, texts very short and non optimized for S.E.O. the structure of the website wasn’t well organized and it was a little bit illogical, we worked with them very closely to fix all these problems and deliver a real tool to deploy marketing strategies and help them to grow up.

We include a lot of nice and useful features like clickable phone numbers, optimized images, videos and many more interesting things, now we have more and more projects thanks to they have referred some client that asked to them “who made your website ?”

We included all these features as our best practices:

1. Responsive Design Website
2. Clickable phone number
3. Human pictures content

Contact Us: (305) 504-7070