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Servidal S.A.S Web App

Servidal S.A.S. is a Colombian company responsible for providing training for working at heights, this is a requirement of law in Colombia.

In Sysmiami we were contacted by Servidal S.A.S. to find a solution (Web App) that allow them to ensure the legitimacy of the documentation of staff has been trained to work at height, we design and develop a web app that allows the companies to verify whether an employee or contractor is properly certified and if your certification is active.

So far Servidal S.A.S. has trained more than 400 people and all of them are in the central database in the cloud Sysmiami, this allows verification in real time and ensures compliance with the rules.

To Servidal S.A.S. It has been very positive, because the system allowed them to release a constant operational burden they had this because companies continually communicated with Servidal S.A.S. to inquire about the status of the certification of an employee or contractor, now companies can do for themselves through the Web App.

Additionally this has also opened the possibility of establishing a new business model queries by subscription, thus Servidal S.A.S continues to grow while helping companies and employees to work fulfilling government mandates and ensuring the health of employees.

Some advantages of this kind of Web Apps:

1. They do not require installation on the mobile device (accessed from a URL)
2. Do not take up space on the mobile device (detail critical !!!)
3. Are multiplatform: Mobile Apple, Android, Windows …
4. Your upgrade is online.
5. It can handle profiles to give you access to end customers if required.
6. The cost is approximately is approximately 5 times lower.
7. They are lightweight, versatile and safe.

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