Safia Berrada Website

Safia Berrada Website

Safia is one of the most relevant personal trainers in South Florida, she counts with more than 50 K followers just in Instagram, and she is so busy than she doesn’t have space to receive more clients.

In Sysmiami we analyze  the situation to help her to deploy a new business model to keep on receiving more clients and give the attention that each of them deserves, we create a membership program with different levels and features, so this project has been very interesting for us, it has 3 projects inside:

  1. Landing Page
  2. Corporate Website
  3. Wep App

The landing page is a great way to capture leads, is basic and effective

The corporate website is one of our “typical” projects with all the information available about her, biography, goals, apparels, products, services, etc… obviously, for us every single project is different so we really put all our energy to do it great.

About the Web App, it allows to the client follow the process and check each point, accessing to special content, while Safia does the follow up and focus in create and develop new routines, recipes and ways to improve the health and shape.

Phone: (305) 504-7070