Programming, the career of the future

For a few years, there has been a lot of talk about automation, the act of replacing actions normally done by humans with machines.

There is an unimaginable number of job positions and generally, people think that leaving their work to a device can end in the loss of their jobs. With the rise of new technologies, the Internet and the new digital era are revolutionizing the current world and in turn, providing millions of new job opportunities. So much so that it makes up 11% of the most demanding jobs in the world.

Programming is considered 21st-century literacy and is a skill that is not limited to computer professionals. For a long time, professionals and educators defend programming as a basic tool to improve and expand the comprehensive capacity of all students and prepare them as best they can to function in a digital world.



Professionals in Programming and experts in the use of their tools possess a highly favorable skill to both small and large companies, which will gradually increase in the future. This skill allows the development of abilities such as creativity and resolutive capacity. This is why knowing how to program is a skill that will allow a resume stand out from the rest of its competition


These are some of the reasons why learning to program is an excellent option:

1. Computer and technology professionals are among the best paid, with a high labor demand and great possibilities for professional development.

2. Knowing how to program is a powerful tool to create new things, innovate and conceptualize ideas in the technological world.

3. Helps to develop certain creative skills, very well valued in the management and participation of team projects.

4. Understand how a computer works and how programming simplifies a multitude of tasks that are the basis for understanding the digital age.

5. Programming knowledge allows improving the ability to structure information, analyze a problem and implement solutions.

If we live in a technological world, we should know how to apply technology to our way of thinking and acting and vice versa, so that we can improve the advantages and benefits it can bring to society.

Creating codes, programs or applications is another way of giving vent to your creativity, just as you can do with a craft process or designing something.