New function to organize the content of videos on YouTube

Chapters for YouTube videos are a new feature that “allows creators to organize video content in a way that makes it easier for users to find the parts that interest them.”

Although the feature was unveiled in April, it is already available on YouTube in both its desktop and mobile versions.

“Chapters function as time stamps that are displayed in both the video progress bar and in the description, and are intended to make it easier for a user to access a specific part of the video.

The video creators themselves can organize the content of their videos into chapters, and YouTube automatically places them in the description afterwards, but for the moment it is an optional function.

Chapters must start at the beginning of the video (00:00), and YouTube has stipulated that a minimum of three chapters per video must be included and that they must be a minimum of 10 seconds long.

Content creators have the ability to disable video chapters from their channels. For this, the fastest way is to change their start, so that they do not start at the beginning of the video but at 00:01, for example, so that they will no longer show. “

This new feature has been well accepted by the community in the testing phase.

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