Lo Quiero Ya Website

Lo Quiero Ya Website

This has been a very interesting project, the original website was basic and informational, Lo Quiero Ya came to us looking for a solution to build a whole e-commerce website.

Lo Quiero Ya is an american company located in Miami and dedicated to sell great products to the latin market, dresses, jeans, blouses, shoes, among other, are the product that they distribute in countries like Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, among others.

Since the beginning, they asked to Sysmiami for a new concept, we include some nice and interesting features like infogram pictures, floting buttons and animations, the catalog is very well organized and results very easy to the visitor to find what it’s looking for, they has extended the original catalog and now they have a lot of new products for babies and children, another field that they are exploiting right now is the kitchen products.

To Sysmiami it has been a very challenge project, because the e-commerce and the very special way that wanted to use to make easy for the clients buying, we used the improved plugin: Woo-Commerce and the results are great.

Phone: (305) 504-7070

Facebook: www.facebook.com/sysmiami