LinkedIn integrates tools to offer live broadcasts

The Linkedin platform for professionals bets on live broadcasts allowing their followers to share events and send direct invitations to first-degree contacts.

“LinkedIn announced a new solution for live digital events, the result of the integration of two of its tools, Live and Events, with which the professionals of the platform will be able to continue to be in contact with their communities.

On the one hand, LinkedIn Live allows the transmission of live videos to increase interaction with the professional audience, while LinkedIn Events allowed creating and joining events. The integration of these two tools provides a solution that allows maintaining contact between professionals.


As the company reports in a statement, the solution is compatible with third-party services, such as Restream, Wirecast, Streamyard and Socialive.

When the virtual event ends, the conversation it has generated can be followed with the ‘Video’ tab, a dedicated center that can be accessed by all members of the community”.