July 17 World Emoji Day

The word emoji comes from the Japanese ‘e’ which means ‘image’; and ‘moji’, which means ‘letter’ or ‘character’. That was the name given to these pictograms that we currently use through digital communication to complement our messages and express our emotions and ideas.

Shigetaka Kurita was commissioned to create the first 176 emojis in 1999 for the Japanese communications agency ntt Docomo which would become a worldwide trend. Kurita inspired the design of her emojis in manga animation and in the shapes and colors of Chinese traffic signs.

Companies like Apple began to integrate these pictograms into their devices causing a sensation and generating great popularity, only shortening the length of time these emojis became one of the many great features that come along with Apple devices. Since 2007, when the first iPhone was launched, these pictograms achieved high popularity that today there is already more than 700 emojis. This week Apple announced that it will add 70 new images to customize on their devices.


Why is World Emoji Day celebrated today?

World Emoji Day has been commemorated since 2004 when Jeremy Burge, creator of Emojipedia, a website that is responsible for recording and explaining each emoji, decided on this date because, in the calendar of emojis of most systems such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft, it appears on July 17.

Happy Emoji World Day !!!