Inmobiliata Website

Inmobiliata Website

This is one of the most beautiful and interesting websites that we have built ever, Inmobiliata is an american company based in Brickell, Florida, they are specialized in the most modern and finest properties on this zone in USA.

To Sysmiami has been a great pleasure design and develop this project, they had an old style website with no personality, the pictures were low quality and the information was a little bit messy, we took the control of the project to analyze it deeply and found the key features to come to this exclusive public, we work by the hand with the Inmobiliata’s crew to edit and polish every detail like pictures and information about pre-contruction projects, in example the renders and aerial shots to show the properties correctly and give the visitor the opportunity to explore them in an easy way.

We took all the material and design a logical structure to guide the visitor in an easy way throw all the website, the result was a very nice one, is beautiful and useful.

We spoke with the Inmobiliata’s crew to convince them about not convert the website into a catalog, we thought is more important just to show the visitor some options and guide it to a call or contact with the company to continues the route to a buy or rent, why? because we think the real estate business it’s  too complicated to the buyer, so they NEED a real estate company like Inmobiliata to get the goals and do it right.

Phone: (305) 504-7070