You have asked yourself, what is happening to the world? Everything is changing. The idea is that humans are being modified, the idea that we all have to reinvent ourselves in a world that is being revolutionized.

The dilemma we face today, regardless of the role, is are we innovate? Or are we left behind? we are evolving, moving forward and adapting to all the changes brought by Industry 4.0.

We are in a digital world without borders. This is the ecosystem in which we live today, where there are no limits in the creation and development of new tools that transform the world.
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According to experts, technology will soon advance so much that we can not distinguish the natural from the artificial because the human being has focused on achieving the impossible since we are by nature curious beings; and curiosity is the emotional aspect that engenders exploration, research and the creation of unimaginable things.

Let’s talk a bit about history for a second. The first industrial revolution arose from the discovery that steam engines could fulfill important functions in companies. Then came the revolutions in the field of electricity, computers and communication technology.

Now we are in the induction of Industry 4.0 that announces new horizons and enormous changes that combine digital, physical and biological systems. We are all aware that we are saying goodbye to a world and that another is approaching at great speeds.


According to Klaus Schwab, founder and executive of the world economic forum, one of the characteristics of the fourth industrial revolution is that it does not change what we do or what we are. This affirmation is very true because if we see the world today, technology has radically transformed the lives of human beings.

Years ago it was the steam engine that transformed the world. Now the expected robots within this new digital world will lead the fourth industrial revolution. The name, “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”, was given by experts to express the introduction of new technologies in factories through sensors and other information systems. Thanks to this, processes will become more efficient.

Artificial intelligence is predicted to be one of the great axes of this revolution as well as the development of new light materials such as Graphene, Titanium Foam, and Carbino. These materials allow the manufacturers of objects to now accomplish the unthinkable.

Sysmiami is preparing to be a part of this revolution through the use of technologies that possess the ability to withstand the new needs of this new digital age. We have the best talent with the skills required to prevail in the new era. What is most important is that we are aware and ready for change.

The fourth industrial revolution is already happening, so It is everyone’s duty to be part of the change. We must be involved in each part of the process, the technology, the correct use and procedure of knowledge and developing and acquiring new tools. Whoever is not on a par with the change, undoubtedly cannot be considered as competition. Do not wait any longer and get with the program. Start using these technologies and be part of this new revolution.