Does 5G technology put your health at risk?

According to the experts, 5G technology will allow us to be in a hyperconnected world, which makes it easier for many devices to be connected to each other.

“With 5G you will be able to navigate 10 times faster than with current fiber optics thanks to the increase in frequency around 3.5 GHz and even reaching a few tens of GHz. In addition, we will have many more devices connected at the same time: Household appliances, street furniture, cars … Everything! The famous “Internet of Things” will be a reality. On the other hand, the response time of the network, known as latency, will be reduced to limits imperceptible, allowing you to connect in real time, without any delay. ”

Although it sounds wonderful, many people speculate about the negative effects that this technology could have on health, which is why several studies have denied these theories. WHO is currently conducting a health risk assessment for exposure to radio frequencies that will be published in 2022.

In the first months of this year, the WHO assured that “to date, and after many investigations, no adverse health effect has been detected casually related to exposure to wireless technologies,” additionally explains that more are being advanced studies to “learn more about any type of repercussion on the human body”.

Another independent study carried out by the Scientific Advisory Committee on Radiofrequencies and Health; financed by the Official College of Telecommunication Engineers, he assured that “we can be calm based on the available scientific evidence”. In relation to said scientific evidence, the same document points out that “up to date and reviewing the existing scientific evidence, exposure to radio frequencies respecting the exposure limits established by the ICNIRP does not entail known health risks”.

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