Do you have servers in your company yet ? REALLY ?

Is a fact, cloud computing is dominating the market of servers, the sells of this devices is going down and the general tendency is hiring IaaS or even SaaS, but, is this the final and definitive solution for the technology necessities of the companies ? let’s analyze it:

Now more than ever, world is totally globalized, clients can’t wait, and everything is going on too fast (and too furious) so, give the solution to this almost absurd demand of services with local infrastructure is virtually impossible, obviously if your company has this kind of behavior (the most of them has it). Cloud computing has 2 characteristics that the detractors often uses to justify their position: Security Risk and Internet Dependency, both items are a little bit misunderstood:


  1. Security Risk: Many people things that just because their information is located locally inside your branch is safe against intrusions, but the reality is that the risk is almost the same in both scenarios, because you can deploy exactly the same strategy on cloud services like AWS, you can put your critical servers in a different network segment than your published services, even you can implement some strategies like VPNs, advanced firewall configurations and double authentication layer, so if you let this item to experts, and verify the strategy, cloud computing can be as safe as local infrastructure (probably even safer).
  2. Internet Dependency: This is a real point, and you can’t simply ignore it, but you can deploy a couple of solutions to minimize this risk, first one is count with more than one internet connection in your branches, this solution going cheaper every day, the other one is opt for the famous “Hybrid Cloud” only recommendable if after a deep analysis you determine that some of your local services are too critical and impossible to get on the cloud, why? because this way to do the things could really get complex the designing and deploying of the solution.

Just take a look and see WHY to have servers inside your business is “almost absurd” in 21 century: