Most companies have large amounts of information at their disposal, but few are able to get the most out of it. Automated data analysis is becoming a powerful business tool that generates value from the information available and improves the process of making key decisions for companies.

Nowadays, organizations collect a large amount of data that can be useful for their growth. For example, in marketing areas, there is usually a large amount of information. Whether it be through transactional procedures or through related activities with their audiences, prospects or clients, but seldom do organizations get the most out of the data. Now, thanks to a new concept this problem has a solution. It is the Big Data, which consists of generating value from the data, the data goes through a process in which they become information which is relevant for the organization.

The interesting thing about this topic is that it allows you to predict aspects of your clients just by obtaining and processing the data. The data is not only what we commonly know as name and number of identification among others, but that is also structured data. With Big Data, unstructured data is also managed, such as face images, audio, behavior, habits, etc. When extracting, transforming and uploading data, it is possible to perform an analysis to implement Business Intelligence (BI) to make decisions based on information and not only on intuition.

The challenge of companies is to get qualified personnel who have the ability to integrate the strategy and organization with the treatment that should be given to the data that the company has or collects. The technical resources that support structured and unstructured data integrate the organizational strategy to the use of Big Data.


Thanks to this tool, companies acquire the ability to identify problems and inefficiencies quickly, thus having a better vision of demand, such as “What they want”. This way they can take advantage of this information to obtain a 360-degree view of their clients, combining it with traditional corporate data.

Those responsible for business decisions can take advantage of a large amount of information available to detect lucrative business opportunities, making the results of all their tasks more predictable and accurate. Now, what had always been invisible, is coming to light for the first time.

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