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Facebook shares fall after boycott

Despite ignoring the news about the boycott of Facebook advertisers, it seems that now it is necessary for the company to pay attention as its shares have been affected in the stock market and have fallen by 3% just starting the week, the losses it could increase with the passing of the days. Big brands […]

Does 5G technology put your health at risk?

According to the experts, 5G technology will allow us to be in a hyperconnected world, which makes it easier for many devices to be connected to each other. “With 5G you will be able to navigate 10 times faster than with current fiber optics thanks to the increase in frequency around 3.5 GHz and even […]

So you can delete your old Facebook posts

In general, social network users are not very aware of all the information they offer to the platforms and they store everything. For this reason, Facebook has created a new function called “Manage activity” to determine what content can be removed or archived in the publications of this network. “This option allows users to archive […]

Social networks a great help for entrepreneurs

The Covid-19 pandemic showed many companies that they were not yet prepared to cope with a crisis like the one the world is currently experiencing. Some businesses that were resistant to change, had to change that thinking and decided to use technological tools such as social networks to continue marketing their products or services. For […]

New function to organize the content of videos on YouTube

Chapters for YouTube videos are a new feature that “allows creators to organize video content in a way that makes it easier for users to find the parts that interest them.” Although the feature was unveiled in April, it is already available on YouTube in both its desktop and mobile versions. “Chapters function as time […]

Tricks to improve the wifi signal

With the increase in teleworking and virtual classes for students, there are many failures due to the demand of Internet users, so it is important to consider some simple recommendations that could improve improving the speed and intensity of the network. at home. Review of the modem: although it is frequent to turn it off […]

WhatsApp and Twitter could be sanctioned by Europe

Europe again takes the magnifying glass out on technology. The Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC), which acts as the continental regulator, has advanced its first investigations into whether or not Twitter and WhatsApp have violated the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD), which carries a multi-million dollar penalty. If they materialize, they would be the first […]

WhatsApp incorporates QR codes to add contacts

The messaging application is working on a new function, which will allow its users to share their contacts quickly through the use of QR codes. At this moment there is a version in “testing phase and WhatsApp has incorporated it into the latest betas of its mobile service with iOS ( and Android (2.20.171) operating […]

Google would be monopolizing the advertising market

A report published by the organization Public Knowledge revealed that many ad companies, news publishers and even consumers themselves are being hurt by Google’s dominance of the digital advertising market. Several examples were presented in the study that demonstrate a case of monopolization by this company. The research was funded by the Omidyar Network, an […]

Amazon certifies teachers in ‘cloud’ technologies

Many educational institutions were forced to close their facilities due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and virtual classes have been vital in continuing the education of college and university students. Although AWS Academy is not a new program, in a time of pandemic it has gained strength and currently offers free cloud computing courses to teachers […]