Amazon certifies teachers in ‘cloud’ technologies

Many educational institutions were forced to close their facilities due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and virtual classes have been vital in continuing the education of college and university students.

Although AWS Academy is not a new program, in a time of pandemic it has gained strength and currently offers free cloud computing courses to teachers who want to become certified in the use of this tool so that they can later teach it in higher education institutions.

“The objective of their course is to teach AWS cloud resources and for future systems engineers to understand how computing power can occur in cloud environments and how they can develop and implement solutions that do not live in data centers or in business servers but in ‘cloud’ environments.

The tool has five courses: cloud fundamentals, cloud development, cloud architecture, cloud operations, and data analytics. Courses are always available online and teachers have the flexibility to give face-to-face or virtual classes. This was how the teacher managed to anticipate the recent contingency measures of the university.

Amazon’s cloud platform is one of the most adopted and complete in the world. It offers more than 175 comprehensive data center services globally, in addition to other courses similar to this one. “

There are no limits to take the courses, you just need to have an internet connection and a computer. Users can use the laboratories on the platform and may also receive a chair.

Teachers who complete the process earn their AWS Certification recognition and AWS Academy instructor accreditation.