Today there are many people who are interested in having their website in a top tier position within the tool known as Alexa  in order to track and implement strategies to impact users more effectively.

There is a tool that can help guide you in relation to the above, and it’s about Alexa Rank . In today’s blog brought to you by Sysmiami we will share some tips that will help your website rise to the top. In order to understand a little more about this tool, we will explain its definition and what it is for.

Alexa is a subsidiary of the company based in California and is an international meter that has been operating since 1997. She is known for operating the ( website that provides historical traffic information about websites and provides information to people about the number of visits it receives. Because of this many people are interested in their site being well positioned within the tool. It helps individuals determine if their website is impacting the community the way they want it to.


How do I improve my ranking in Alexa ?

There are hundreds of tools and tips to climb the ranking ladder within Alexa. In  Sysmiami we will share the most important ones that will help you in doing so.

  1. One important thing to remember is to install the Alexa plugin in your browser. With that, your own visits will be counted, if you intend to visit your site daily. At the end of the month, you will have about 30 visits that will help you with this tool. Then you can go ahead and ask your colleagues and friends to help you to do the same. This tip will help to increase your website’s ranking a bit. Click here to download the bar.
  2. A tip from experts is that you share your knowledge and information about Alexa in blogs or post, as this draws the attention of the Internet users interested in this topic and mechanically increase your ranking.
  3. Publish on social networks, computer or technology forums, and Asian forums. Many webmasters have suggested that East Asian users are great users of the Alexa bar. That’s why in Alexa’s top 500 you’ll find a lot of Chinese and Korean sites.
  4. If you have a blog, some good advice would be to create a section about Alexa and use that section to share information about it.
  5. Something important is that you keep your site up to date and have a blog where you are uploading information constantly, trying to share quality, as this will bring visitors to your site, later increasing your ranking.
  6. Install the Alexa bar on all the computers you use regularly.
  7. Optimize your website. Direct your efforts in optimizing SEO, making your site appear in the top rankings of the main search engines. Improve the usability of your website and navigability in order to ensure that readers of your website or blog stay longer, enjoying the content made for them.
  8. Share the content of your site on social networks. Today, social networks are an important means of communication to reach thousands of people.

    Finally, we can not close this blog without sharing the top 10 websites within Alexa’s ranking.

    Top 10 Websites

    4. (buscador de referencia en el mundo asiático)