2016 Web Trends

There is much talk about the new trends in web development, some even say that websites tend to disappear, nothing further from reality, simply enter www.godaddy.com and see the number of domains that are recorded daily for you see how this market alive and remains more dynamic than ever, others say “why to have website if I have my page on facebook”, well in our opinion is a point of very narrow view, facebook is very important in the current marketing strategy, however no longer a part of it and fails to meet the objective of showing the image of the company as if he does a good web site, also you run a great risk by trusting the entire image of the company on an alien structure.

Technology advances by leaps and bounds so it makes the design and development, some of the most important trends and we could call essential in a modern website are:

  1. Simple Web Design: Thanks to modern interfaces have become accustomed to less is more, so the website must be concrete, clearly show the image of the company and guide the visitor towards a closer contact with it:
  2. Flat Design: Google showed signs of this concept during the year 2015, currently is used a lot as it brings content to life without blurring the visitor:
  3. Animations: Simplicity does not necessarily mean boredom, animations provide dynamism to the website and often cause the visitor wanting to “stay” on the site or interact with animations, especially Slideshow Paralax or type:sysmiami_summar
  4. Menu “hamburger” type: Websites should be 100% compatible with mobile devices, this makes the use of screen space is a critical factor to maximize this resource, nothing better than a menu that does not invade the screen and can only be accessed when it required:sysmiami_burger_menu
  5. One Page: The scrolling is almost an acquired vice smartphone users (ie for all of us) so give the user the possibility to visit the entire site without pressing a single button is an excellent idea:sysmiami_sentidovitalfl

Additionally, some “good practices” we always recommend:

  1. Adding a chat site: Bring the visitor close to the company is almost an obligation, so give the option to interact is essential today:
  2. Phone Numbers “Callable”: The percentage of navigation from mobile devices continues to increase, so give the option to contact the company via a tap (or click) is increasingly necessary:
  3. Get away from the catalog: The typical web site type “catalog” tends to disappear (obviously depends on the product or service business) then release the site of this burden it lightens and makes the user experience better, if in doubt it is better contact the company to look in a catalog, plus so the company is closer to the conversion, as it has established a two-way communication with the visitor:sysmiami_inmobiliata

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